How We Serve



We preach and share the Word of God.


Financial Literacy

We provide Financial Literacy Workshops and Small Group Sessions for the community.


Mission & Outreach

Through mission affiliates we participate in service projects in the community and surrounding areas.



We support education by providing two academic scholarships per year.


Alcoholism Support

We provide alcoholism support for families whose loved ones struggle with alcoholism.

About Reverend Lizzie Williams

Reverend Lizzie Collins Williams has been graced to serve the Lord with joy, gladness, and excellence for over seven years in the ministry.


Testimonial Highlights

My association with Lizzie Williams goes back more than 15 years. I initially interviewed her for a position as a Financial Specialist for New York Life Insurance Company. Her commitment to her clients and her work was exemplary. During that time we became very close and I have continued to be impressed with her love for the Lord and desire to change the lives of others. In my affiliation with the organization Love INC (In the Name of Christ), she has taught classes to help others benefit from her knowledge. She is blessed in being able to show practical and biblical choices that help individuals and families financially. I am blessed by knowing her.

Allie St. John Retired, RVP Financial Services

I am now a retired special educator. During the many years that I had a high school self- contained classroom, the students in my class received music instruction with the keyboard on a weekly basis during one particular school year from Mr. Demetrius Williams. Through his teaching, many of my students learned the basic music notes, the scales, and some even were able to imitate him in playing simple songs on the keyboard. His kindness and patience in working with them resulted in many being able to express themselves through a medium they might never have been able to otherwise. Surprisingly it served as an avenue to reveal those students who had a natural “gift” to grasp the musical concepts both academically and manually. This provided these students with an area to experience success that they might not have in the traditional classroom due to the many learning challenges they faced.

Earnestine Giles, Retired Special Education Teacher

Rev. Lizzie Williams is the quintessential servant of the Lord. Her faithfulness to the people of God, stems from her unparalleled faithfulness to the Lord. She is a student of the Word and of the faith; her insatiable desire to learn and grow is infectious. The Body of Christ needs more men and women of genuine love, wisdom, and the servant’s heart, which is so evident in the life of Rev. Williams.

Pastor Tyshawn Gardner, Plum Grove Baptist Church