Financial Workshops

Healing The World With The Word Ministries proudly announces Money & ME a new financial management program to Tuscaloosa County and surrounding areas. It has always been the desire of Healing The World With The Word Ministries to offer financial literacy to the community. Money & ME is a money management program initially written and designed for low-income families and individuals teaching basic money management skills, however, anyone seeking to better understand his or her finances can benefit from the Money & ME Program. It was created by Sarah Money from Albuquerque, New Mexico when she was challenged to teach low-income people how to manage their money.

Topics include how to:

• Create a budget

• Start saving

• Identify needs versus wants

• Change a habit

• Learn the cash envelope system

• Become a smart shopper

• Learn about interest

• Develop a payment plan to pay off money owed

• Recognize other ways to be wealthy

Money & ME was created for organizations who want to help their employees and/or clients learn strategies to take control of their money. Churches can utilize this program as an outreach tool. Please click here to find out more information on Hosting The Money & Me Series.

Please click here to submit a Money & ME Registration.